How To Commercialize Smart Products

Technology For Business


Strategists, Technologists, Developers and implementors meeting at the Intersection of Hardware and Software to put technology to use

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Get Updated On The Newest Technology

How can new technologies improve your business and your job? What was announced at CES 2019 and how can it benefit you?

Put It To Use

New technology is great, but how can you put it to use in your field? What are the practical applications?

Evolving Requirements of High-Tech Companies

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is excited to once again be working with the RIC Centre to provide a timely and relevant series of events for 2019. Understanding the constantly evolving and changing requirements of high-tech companies that are looking to lead and differentiate their products in a highly competitive market, the Driving Dreams program addresses the many hurdles and challenges that face organizations. We look forward to hosting and participating in this series as we continue to help customers speed their time to market while helping them look Five Years Out.